This website is inspired by an essay that was the result of a 20-plus year journey of faith by one Christian in business - Matthew Buresch.

Matthew’s labor in the business field was as a management consultant in international business and economic development in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Former Soviet Union, and North Africa. During this time, he traveled many roads and byways in search of an understanding of the core challenges to Christian faith in the modern world of commerce and the response that Christ’s call would suggest.

Matthew’s discussion of the challenges and response could not avoid areas of difference within the Christian community. Christ challenged the orthodoxy and conventions of His age, so might we not be led to question those of our times? Matthew’s goal throughout was to seek out truth wherever it is to be found. If the truth reaffirms prevailing assumptions and behaviors, we can rest on our path, but when the truth questions the presumptions of this age, must not Christians follow the path that the Master has called them to?